Accidental Damage Claims

How Are Accidental Damage Claims Settled?

Accidental damage claims are a far too often occurrence, there can be a multitude of situations where accidental damage occurs to your home or business.  A car hits your storefront business or home. An electrical fire causes interior damage to your home or office, a gas sprinkler explosion can cause water damage to your entire commercial building, the list goes on.

Accidental damage claims are settled the same way all other claims are handled:

  • The situation must be mitigated immediately to prevent further damage, -notify your insurance company of what happened, 
  • Inspection at the covered premises, 
  • Submit all necessary documents substantiating your loss
  • Negotiate to reach a settlement with your insurance carrier.

When you put your trust in Direct Public Adjusters, we maximize the outcome of your claim.  We work on a speedy recovery by handling all the negotiations with insurance.  We make sure all the damages are covered, emergency repair work is done efficiently and effectively, and make sure you don’t have to come out of pocket on anything unnecessary.  We protect your assets and investments all the while taking care of every detailed step of your claim.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Accidental Damage?

Accidental damage can happen to anyone. But when you know what causes it, you are in a better position to take steps to protect yourself and your property from the perils of accidental damage. Here are some examples of what may cause accidental damage:

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes
  • Lightning strikes and fires
  • Thefts or vandalism
  • Electrical failure
  • Vehicle into a structure
  • Gas, boiler, or meter explosions
  • Sprinkler malfunction or water damage
  • Fallen objects unto a structure
  • Home appliance discharge, malfunction, or explosion. 
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Dishwasher or refrigerator leaks

How Will Direct Public Adjusters Submit and Manage My Accidental Damage Claim?

Under every circumstance, the insurance company will require you to prove, or substantiate your loss.  They may ask for construction estimates, engineer reports, detailed damaged inventory content lists. Things you may not be familiar with in your line of work.  That’s okay you have the legal right to hire a public adjuster to represent you.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  It is in your best interest to hire us.

Direct public adjusters will successfully answer all the insurance related lingo questions/concerns the insurance company may request.  We will be your claims representative.  We know what the insurance company will ask and how to go around every curveball the insurance company will throw at us.  We are on your side, we want to see you recover fast and stress-free.

Since this process can be long and stressful, professional insurance adjusters like Direct Public Adjusters can help! When you file a claim with Direct Public Adjusters, we will work with you to make sure your claim is submitted in a way that’s easy and transparent. Our team of expert loss adjusters and mediators will:

  • Immediately assign recovery experts/solution experts to your case.
  • Efficiently and effectively guide you through what needs to be done.  
  • Provide you with an insurance estimate of how much the damage will cost to repair besides just giving you the scope of your loss. 
  • Fill out your paperwork and ensure you have all the evidence to get your compensation. 
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to help you get maximum compensation.
  • Help expedite claims process to reach a resolution faster.

How Will I Get the Most Compensation for My Accidental Damage Claim?

Being truthful, straightforward, and  completely honest on what caused the damage will always go a long way even in the eyes of the insurance company.  You don’t want to say the wrong things when explaining the cause of loss, but if you chose to submit and handle your own claim, be specific and brief when explaining the damage. Try not to go into such details.  The insurance will still come to their own determination if the claim deserves coverage.

Coverage disputes are not uncommon, insurance companies are not billion dollar empires because they overpay claims.  They have a methodical process of undervaluing claims. 

Remember that the burden of proof lies with the insured to prove their case.  If you really feel certain things in your claim who been underpaid or denied voice your concerns with the insurance claims handler and write an email.  Keep records/emails of everything in case legal action is required.  To avoid the headache and stress of dealing with the insurance company hire a claims professional to represent you.

The best way to get the most compensation for your claim is by working with an experienced team of public adjusters who know what it takes to get the right settlement as well as have the resources available to help you through each stage of the process.

Direct Public Adjusters can be your representative and help make your accidental damage claims process stress-free and a tad less complex.

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