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What Do I Do If My Business or Commercial Property Has Suffered Damage?

If you are dealing with damage to your business or commercial property, it is important to contact a professional immediately. Even if the damage isn’t too severe, you may need to take action quickly in order to protect your business from further loss. A public adjuster company can be an extremely resourceful asset in property damage cases of any kind.

Then, call your insurance company and tell them about the damage. They will likely want to check out the damage for themselves. To ensure a seamless evaluation and claims process, take pictures or videos of the damage and show them.

Keep a record of the receipts given by contractors or vendors who may have inspected your property for loss evaluation purposes. You will need to present them to your insurance provider as proof in exchange for your insurance claim in case of coverage issues.

How Can I Ensure Maximum Compensation for My Damage Claim?

As a commercial property owner, you need to know your rights and what to expect from the insurance company to maximize your compensation. Ask around at local offices or businesses that may have experience with property claims so that you have enough knowledge about the process and what to expect.

Your potential claim is based on two things: the damage you have incurred and the extent of those damages. For example, if your storefront, warehouse, or office has been completely destroyed, you are liable to higher compensation than if you were to have experienced a minor fire-related accident. In addition, if the damage has occurred as a result of someone’s negligence, the claim’s process can extend, or worse, your claim can be denied.

In addition to knowing your rights, it is important that you understand what’s expected from the insurance company after filing a claim. Typically, this means submitting paperwork showing how much money was spent managing those damages and documenting any financial losses.

How Can a Public Adjuster Help Me With My Commercial Claim?

Public adjuster services specialize in cases requiring end-to-end support in claiming damage compensation from insurance providers. When you work with a public claims adjuster, they act as an intermediary against your insurance company.  They are your legal advocates who have a fiduciary responsibility in recovering money from your insurance company all while reducing your stress and protecting your investments.

Damages caused by fire, water, vandalism, theft, hurricane, windstorm, and explosions are just some of the common business damage coverages Direct Public Adjusters deal with. We will use our proven commercial recovery methods to settle your claim – whether you have a factory or multi-family complex condos. We will help you maximize your coverage while protecting your interests and minimizing the interruptions in your business.

Whether it is an accident or an act of nature, no matter what happened, Direct Public Adjusters can help you take care of it as quickly as possible so that you can get back on track with your schedule and focus on what matters most: running your business!

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