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A Public Adjuster is an insurance industry expert that solely represents the interests of the policyholders (insured) in their recovery of a residential or commercial property damage claim. 

We are basically insurance adjusters that advocate exclusively for the public. We have no connection to any insurance carriers or companies. We handle the entire aspect of the claim and work in the favor of the policyholder to get them fully indemnified for their covered losses against their insurance carriers. We work towards retrieving the maximum settlement for you the insured.

At Direct public adjuster we help prepare, document, present, and substantiate your claim. Direct public adjusters works with a team of insurance professionals with a total of over 30 plus years of combined real estate, construction, and insurance experience to make sure we don’t miss one detail of your claim.

Yes you sure can, but will you get the same outcome? Direct Public Adjusters is there to maximize your settlement while protecting your assets and investments. We see aspects of a claim that perhaps you don’t. We are experts in policy language and guidelines. We simplify the process for you so you don’t have to stress or worry. We use our immense knowledge and resources to put together the best vendors when in need of recovery. We work tirelessly for one end goal Maximum Compensation.

At anytime of the claims process but the best time is right after a loss occurs. We guide you from the beginning to make sure you have a prosperous end result. We take over the stress of the claim as soon as you contact us.

Attention to detail, attentiveness, and care. We treat every claim the same no matter how big or how small. We understand what it takes to resolves all your claim questions. Direct public adjuster is always reachable throughout the claim. A lot of adjusters will get you to sign with them and good luck reaching them after. We’re here at Direct PA will be their first and never make you feel like your last.

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