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Call if your property is in Beachwood, New Jersey and Direct Public Adjusters will handle your insurance claim so you don’t have to! Insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies and take as much out of your settlement as possible to their company money. 
Our public adjusters will fight for your protection and get the job done right so you get the money you deserve!

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Benefits of Hiring A Public Adjuster

With Direct Public Adjusters from Beachwood, NJ working on your side, you can rest knowing that you are getting the representation you deserve when an insurance claim is made on your home or business. Many policyholders get underpaid from insurance companies during a claim process. Hiring a public adjuster has many benefits when you need to make a claim.

Here’s 5 benefits of hiring a public adjuster for an insurance claim:

1) They are experienced licensed professionals.

Public adjusters are insurance experts and understand the language of your policy. They can research your agreement and make sure the insurance company does their side in getting you the compensation for your property loss.

2) They represent the policyholder, not the insurance company.

First and foremost, a public adjuster works for the “public”, not the insurance company. Just like an insurance adjuster, they will come out to the property in question and evaluate the damage or situation. Their next step is to communicate with your insurance company to ensure the success of your insurance claim. They work on your behalf by negotiating a fair estimate on your insurance claim.

3) Saves you time with a faster resolution.

You can save time and stress by hiring a public adjuster to handle the business, they have the day to day experience with negotiating settlements. Processing the paperwork can be time consuming and you may not have the knowledge to complete it accurately. Public adjusters will deal with the investigation, insurance correspondence, and submit the necessary documents without your life being interrupted.

4) Public adjusters take the time for you to understand your options.

Public adjuster will go over your insurance policy agreement to gather intel on the options you may have after their initial inspection of your property. Public adjusters treat the business fairly and let you know what may or may not be covered under your agreement. This may be comforting coming from an unbiased party instead of coming from a big company that doesn’t necessarily want to lose their money. Public adjusters will initiate the claim and keep you updated during the process. They may also help you start from square one if you already started a claim and were denied the funds. A public adjuster knows all of the options you will be able to take in this process.

5) Getting a larger settlement than what your insurance company offered from the start.

As mentioned before, your public adjuster represents only their client and not the insurance company. They will make sure they understand the coverage’s policy and negotiate the funds with the insurance company. A policy adjuster has the ability to settle a claim almost up to 3 times or more than what the insurance company was originally going to pay you. The public adjuster does everything under the right terms, so the amounts will be fair to the property loss.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits for a business or home owner to hire a public adjuster to handle property claims. Direct Public Adjusters in Beachwood, New Jersey is a company you should call if you want your insurance claim treated fairly and accurately. We have the expertise and we want you to get the most out of your property loss. Give us a call and we will be happy to go over questions you may have.

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