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Not only is there so much work before you submit your claim, there could be a lot of back and forth with the insurance agency afterwards. If they want to push back on the validity of the claim, you might need a public adjuster. 

Direct Public Adjusters in Bridgeton, New Jersey will manage the claims process quickly and efficiently while you focus on other things. There is no need to handle a claim on your own, our public adjusters have years of experience in this field to get you the financial restitution you need.

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Insurance Claim Types

A public adjuster is almost the same as an insurance adjuster. However, public adjusters only work for the “public” and not the insurance companies. Before you submit a claim, you must research the agreement to what is actually covered, take photographs, and document any other evidence. 

Once the application is in, then you must handle the insurance company when they call. After going through financial times and possible property damage, the policy holder can be too stressed out to really understand what is going on and may receive a payout that is not the appropriate amount. Due to their year of experience and negotiation skills, public adjusters can bring the policyholder a larger settlement when they handle the entire process. 

Public adjusters are trained to read legal terms in a policy agreement and are well experienced to conduct the investigation from start to finish, so you don’t have to! It is always a wise decision to hire a public adjuster when you need to make an insurance claim.

Insurance Claim Types

Here at Direct Public Adjusters in Bridgeton, New Jersey, we are proud of our experience with all insurance claims. We have the legal understanding and licensing to deal with insurance companies for you.

This list below includes the insurance claim types we have worked on in the past:

Fire Damage Claims

A fire damage claim can be complicated because of burnt items and the integrity of damaged structure. You may even need additional money if medical attention was involved. Our team can provide services to aid you in this time of need by ensuring a full settlement to cover destruction and injuries.

Water Damage Claims

Allow us to submit your water damage claim so you can get the repair your property needs when you go through plumbing mishaps, consequences from the weather, and other water damages that may have penetrated your property’s structure.

Mold Claims

Our public adjuster can help aid you through the process of your mold claim to ensure the evidence is thoroughly and professionally documented, from place of contamination to time it was first noticed. Mold can spread very quickly and thus we must file a claim properly to ensure a fast turn around.

Damaged Pipes Claims

Appliances can malfunction and pipes can burst from aging or become frozen from the winter. If it already has not done so, further damage can occur if water has escaped from your plumbing. You should have a professional by your side for accurate documentation and research when submitting a damaged pipes claim. A public adjuster can help guarantee a full settlement.

Natural Disaster Claims

Hurricanes, floods, and strong winds can weaken the integrity of your business or home in the areas of Bridgeton, NJ. Our public adjusters can guide you through the process of submitting a natural disaster claim for a fast resolution.

Roof Damage Claims

Ever had rats terrorize your roof and attic? Notice your shingles have been blown away with last night’s storm? Weather and pests can cause damage to your roof that may be covered through your insurance. We make sure our public adjusters are there when you need to file a roof damage claim.

Business Interruption Claims

Most business owners lost a lot of income during the pandemic. Depending on your business insurance policy, you may be able to file a business interruption claim for loss of revenue in economic times and if physical damage occurs to your building. Here at Direct Public Adjusters, our public adjusters can provide services for income recovery when filing a claim.

Direct Public Adjusters in Bridgeton, New Jersey can provide professional services in many types of claims. Give us a call if you have any questions!

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