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If you have no idea how to start an insurance claim, or feel like your insurance company is not giving you the money you deserve, call Direct Public Adjusters in Clark, New Jersey to resolve your insurance matters. 
We will do the necessary research of your policy, help document your loss, and do the negotiations on your behalf so you can get a full settlement.

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Benefits of Hiring A Public Adjuster

You want to make sure you are compensated for the loss on your insurance claim, at Direct Public Adjusters in Clark, NJ we are here to help. With our company working for you, the policyholder, you can trust that you are getting the representation you deserve when an assessment is made on your property. There’s countless policyholders out there who get underpaid from their insurance adjusters, but we want to share with you the benefits of having a public adjuster take a look at the damage.

Here’s 5 benefits of hiring a public adjuster for an insurance claim:

1) They are experienced licensed professionals.

Public adjusters are insurance experts and understand the language of your policy. They can find the loopholes in your agreement clause and make sure the insurance company does their due diligence in giving an appropriate compensation for your property loss.

2) They represent the policyholder, not the insurance company.

First and foremost, a public adjuster works for the “public”, not the insurance company. They work on your behalf by giving you a fair estimate on your insurance claim. Just like an insurance adjuster, they will come out to the property in question and evaluate the damage or situation. Their next step is to communicate with your insurance company to ensure the success of your insurance claim.

3) It’s a faster resolution on your insurance claim and saves you time.

Because public adjusters have daily experience on fighting for accurate insurance settlements, you can save time and stress by hiring them to handle the business. Processing the paperwork can be time consuming and you may not have the knowledge to complete it accurately. Public adjusters will deal with photographs, insurance correspondence, and submitting the necessary documents on your behalf for a faster resolution.

4) Public adjusters take the time for you to understand your options.

After their initial inspection of your property, they will go over your insurance policy agreement to gather intel on the options you may have. Public adjusters are very transparent and let you know what is and is not insured under your agreement. From there you and your public adjuster will create a plan and they will initiate the insurance claim if you have not already done so prior to their hire. Regardless, they will take care of your claim and keep you updated along the way.

5) Getting a larger settlement than your insurance company’s initial offer.

As mentioned previously, your public adjuster represents only their client and not the insurance company. Just like a lawyer, the public adjuster fights for you and protects your rights. They will make sure they understand the initial property insurance policy you signed up for and negotiate with the insurance company. On average, a policy adjuster can work out a larger pay out and have the insurance company pay almost up to 3 times or more the original settlement they were planning on. Of course everything is done transparently and fairly, so the amounts will be just and accurate after the public adjuster’s process is complete.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits for a business or home owner to hire a public adjuster to handle property claims. Direct Public Adjusters in Clark, New Jersey is a company you should call if you want your insurance claim treated fairly and accurately. We have the expertise and we want you to get the most out of your property loss. Give us a call and we will be happy to go over questions you may have.

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