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What Are Public Adjuster Services?

Statistics show that public adjusters negotiate larger settlements than when policyholders work alone. A public adjuster is a professional you hire for representation in an insurance claim. Public adjusters can be hired for complicated matters or act as a guide if you are unsure of the process.

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Insurance agencies may try to settle your case for a much lower amount than what your loss deserves, but public adjusters do not work with insurance agencies like insurance adjusters do. Their job is getting you the full amount that should be covered in your insurance policy like property damage or income loss. Most policyholders are not familiar with legal terms used in insurance agreements, so it’s easy to get taken advantage of in these hard times. 

Public adjusters represent you fairly and aid you in the process from start to finish. Because they are licensed professionals with years of success and experience, Direct Public Adjusters in Egg Harbor Township, NJ is the best choice when hiring a public adjuster for your claim. We will handle your case quickly and efficiently so you won’t have to worry.

Insurance Claim Types

Here at Direct Public Adjusters in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, we are proud of our ability to work with all insurance claims. We have the legal understanding and experience to deal with negotiations to receive a full settlement. These are the many type of insurance claims we have worked on in the past:

Fire Damage Claims 

Fire can wreak havoc on your life when your structure and belongings go up in flames, our team can help simmer down the heat and help rebuild your confidence through assisting in a fire damage claim through your insurance.

Water Damage Claims 

There are many types of water damages your property can go through, from pipe leaks to rain damage. Allow us to submit your water damage claim in order for you to get the money you need to stop the spread of mold and fortify your home or business once again.

Mold Claims 

Mold contamination is a big deal, it can spread fast and exponentially causing more damage to your property, our public adjuster can stay with you through every step of your mold claim to ensure the evidence is preserved and documented well.

Damaged Pipes Claims 

Not only can this lead to water damage, but damaged pipes can be a result of frozen pipes in the winter or physical damage from pests in your walls. This may not be your fault at all and you should have complete representation when submitting a damaged pipes claim.

Natural Disaster Claims 

This is a big one. If your private home or business is in the area of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, you may know a thing or two about the weather here. Our public adjusters are aware of the circumstance and can help you with the process of filing a natural disaster claim with your insurance company for any total losses or rebuilding needs.

Roof Damage Claims 

Large storms can cut into your roof or pests like roof rats can fill your attic causing devastating damages, our public adjusters can handle the documentation of this and help aid you in your roof damage claim.

Business Interruption Claims 

If you are under a business insurance policy, you may have coverage over your profits if anything takes a turn for the worse. With the pandemic that emerged suddenly, most business owners lost a lot of income. Along with this example and other insured events, you may be able to file a business interruption claim for your loss of revenue. Here at Direct Public Adjusters, our public adjusters can provide services for greater success in your business income recovery. 

And many other claims…

The fact of the matter is, it’s tough to deal with insurance companies, especially when filing a claim. Don’t allow them to put blame on you or undermine the damage that may have taken place. When you hire the public adjuster team at Direct Public Adjusters in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, you know you’re in good hands by receiving the representation you deserve.

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