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Did a storm just come by and rip your roof off? Are you experiencing mold in your walls? Call Direct Public Adjusters if your property is in Linwood, New Jersey to resolve insurance matters as soon as possible. 
Insurance companies may want to offer a lot less than what you deserve, but at Direct Public Adjusters we make sure that doesn’t happen!

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What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional who you hire to start and finish an insurance claim. They can be hired for complicated matters or act as a guide to ensure you are getting the settlement you deserve. Most people are not familiar with the language used in insurance agreements and this is why public adjusters are beneficial to a policyholder’s claim. 

Public adjusters assist you in documenting a property loss or a business’ loss of income the proper way. If you believe your insurance covers the damage done to your home or business, but are not sure how to make the claim, they are there for you. If you simply need help in researching your policy to see what it covers, a public adjuster is someone you call. They do not work with insurance agencies like insurance adjusters, so their job is not saving them money, only getting you the money. 

Public adjusters only represent the policyholder in an insurance claim. On average they can get larger settlements than a policyholder handling the business through their appropriate licensing and expertise in negotiation. Call Direct Public Adjusters in Linwood, NJ to handle your case for ease and efficiency by letting us fight on your side.

Why We Decided to Work for the People and Not the Insurance Companies

At Direct Public Adjusters we will stop any insurance agency who tries to undercompensate or desert you when you reach out to use their coverage. We decide to work for the people and not the insurance companies because they like their money and hire insurance adjusters to handle business during a claims process to keep it. 

Insurance adjusters get paid to save the insurance companies money, not yours. However, we work for the policyholder because too many of them are not aware of their rights in a policy agreement and get shorted out of money they deserve. Life happens and you don’t want to be undercompensated when your home or business suffers damage you had no control of. You should receive a full settlement everytime. 

Our business at Direct Public Adjusters in Linwood, New Jersey has the services and compassion to provide solutions when you are feeling defeated by your insurance company. 

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