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Don’t allow the adjuster who works for your insurance company to make all the decisions, we will make sure you are correctly represented so you don’t get a low ball offer for your claim.

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What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional you hire if you need help in an insurance claim, or want to make sure you are getting the settlement that is rightfully yours. Public adjusters can be hired for complicated matters or act as a guide if you are unsure of the process. Insurance agencies can be a bit sneaky because most people are not familiar with legal terms used in insurance agreements. 

They may try settling your case for a much lower amount than what you can get. Public adjusters represent you fairly and aid you in documenting a loss from start to finish. They do not work with insurance agencies like insurance adjusters do, their job is only getting you the full amount that covers your damage or income loss, or whatever is agreed to in your insurance policy. It is said on average they negotiate larger settlements than if a policyholder does it themselves. 

Through their appropriate licensing and expertise in negotiation, Direct Public Adjusters in Mount Holly, NJ have the best public adjusters to handle your case for a faster resolution time and a fair representation when they are hired.

Why We Decided to Work for the People and Not the Insurance Companies

At Direct Public Adjusters we decided to work for the people and not the insurance companies. Those companies really like their money so they hire insurance adjusters to handle the claims process to keep it. But what about you? You deserve to have unbiased representation. You’ve been the one paying the monthly or annual payment to have coverage in these times. That’s why we created our business! 

Policyholders should have the right to have someone on their side at all times. Too many people engaged in a policy agreement are not aware of their rights and don’t receive their full settlement. Some claimants are too tired to appeal the offer and most of them don’t even know it has happened! 

Our business at Direct Public Adjusters in Mount Holly, New Jersey has the research skills necessary to provide expert opinions and negotiate your settlement to ensure you get the money for your claim.

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