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Call Direct Public Adjusters in Neptune, New Jersey if you had damage occur to your home that you believe your insurance should cover. If you own a business and had an interruption that lost you income, our public adjusters will make sure your insurance claim is correctly documented and submitted. 
We specialize in protecting claimants from insurance companies trying to undermine the validity of their claim so the rightful compensation is received. Give us a call today!

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Insurance Claim Types

Direct Public Adjusters in Neptune, NJ has the right licensing and professionalism to research and submit claims for a full settlement. We are proud of our ability to work with all insurance claims. These are the many types of claims we have completed for our clients:

  • Fire Damage Claims
  • Water Damage Claims
  • Mold Claims
  • Damaged Pipes Claims
  • Natural Disaster Claims
  • Roof Damage Claims
  • Business Interruption Claims
  • And many others…

Steps to Managing an Insurance Claim

There’s a lot of people out there who don’t know the proper way to manage an insurance claim. That’s why at Direct Public Adjusters in Neptune, New Jersey, we make sure we go through the steps with you so you are aware of everything every step of the way. We will make sure the insurance claim is handled right through our full proof claims process. 

Step #1 Gathering proof of your property loss.

Public adjusters start by going to your home or business and documenting the loss for your claim. This includes pictures, research, and evaluation before submitting a claim.

Step #2 Negotiating the offer.

Public adjusters handle the negotiation after the submission of the claim. In certain cases, insurance may come back and deny the claim or underpay you, but we will fight until you get the compensation you deserve. Sometimes this involves more communication with the insurance company. Once settled, we will submit for the pay out.

Step #3 Appraisal Route.

Within the negotiation process, the insurance company may continue to deny the claim or give you less money in the settlement. This is when we have an appraiser get involved. An appraiser can resolve any disagreements as an unbiased party.

Step #4 Payment.

When the public adjuster completes their job with the insurance company agreeing to the pay out, you will be cut a check to cover the damages and incidences of your property. The agreement between you and your public adjuster will be paid out and your property’s records will be updated. With that completion, everyone can rejoice!

If you have any questions on the claims process, a public adjuster at Direct Public Adjusters in Neptune, NJ will be happy to clarify. Once you know this is the right decision for you, we will get started on submitting for your property.

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