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If you are looking for a public adjuster in your area to fight against your insurance agency in a claim, call Direct Public Adjusters in Stratford, New Jersey to resolve insurance matters as soon as possible. 
We will make sure you are correctly represented so you don’t get cheated out of any money that you deserve.

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What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is almost the same as an insurance adjuster, the difference is, they only work for you! They are not affiliated with any specific insurance company, so they hold no responsibilities in making or saving them money. Public adjusters only represent the policyholder in an insurance claim and only get paid if they do. 

Once a public adjuster starts conducting a property insurance claim, they make sure every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted, while complying with an insurance agreement. Due to their knowledge and fierce negotiation skills, they bring policyholders, on average, a larger sum than what an insurance company was going to pay out. It’s easy for large entities like insurance companies to walk over their clients. 

The fact of the matter is, most people don’t understand the language in their insurance agreement. This is where public adjusters are a huge benefit to a policyholder’s loss, they will manage the paperwork and negotiations, having the settlement being paid out quicker and possibly larger than anticipated. 

Direct Public Adjusters in Stratford, NJ have the right expertise to do just this. Allow us to show you the benefit of having someone on your side, there is no need to handle the claim on your own!

Why We Decided to Work for the People and Not the Insurance Companies

Too many times has the little guy been beaten down by the man when it comes to a fight for money. The insurance companies are money giants who only care about their assets and not much about yours. We decided to build this business at Direct Public Adjusters to ensure the little guy has a true representative about their insurance on their side. 

Maybe your home caught fire from storm damage and it’s not your fault. Don’t allow the insurance companies to undercompensate or desert you through excuses. Here at Direct Public Adjusters in Stratford, New Jersey, we have the competence and compassion to resolve insurance matters to work for your side. 

We work for the people, not the companies who already have all the money.

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