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Here at Direct Public Adjusters in Tuckerton, New Jersey, we are proud of our ability to work with all insurance claims.

We have the legal understanding and experience to deal with negotiations so a policyholder can receive a full settlement for the property damages that were filed in their claim.

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Insurance Claim Types

These are the many types of insurance claims we have filed for our customers in the past:

Fire Damage Claims 

Fire can burn its way through your property structure and belongings, our team can help calm the stress and help rebuild your property by submitting an accurate fire damage claim through your insurance.

Water Damage Claims 

There are many types of water damages your property can go through. Your property can suffer from plumbing issues  like pipe leaks to storm damage like flooding issues. Allow us to submit your water damage claim in order for you to get the money you need to repair and fortify your property.

Mold Claims 

Mold contamination can spread fast, damaging your property exponentially. Our public adjuster can help aid you through the process of your mold claim to ensure the evidence is documented well for submission to your insurance company.

Damaged Pipes Claims 

Damaged pipes can lead to water damage if it already has not done so. Damaged pipes can be a result of appliances malfunctioning, aging pipes, or pest damage. You should have complete representation when submitting a damaged pipes claim so you have the necessary facts for an accurate settlement.

Natural Disaster Claims 

If your private home or business is in the area of Tuckerton, NJ, you may know a thing or two about natural phenomena. Hurricanes and floods are possible in the changing climate and the consequences from them should be handled right away. Our public adjusters can help you with the process of filing a natural disaster claim with your insurance company if it occurs in your neighborhood.

Roof Damage Claims 

Our public adjusters can handle your roof damage claim, from large storms terrorizing your shingles to pests damaging your attic and roof structure.

Business Interruption Claims 

If you are under a business insurance policy, you may have coverage if you start losing profits from occurrences such as property damage or economic events. For example, most business owners lost a lot of income during the peak of COVID-19. You may be able to file a business interruption claim for your loss of revenue for situations like these. Here at Direct Public Adjusters, our public adjusters can provide services for greater success in your income recovery.

And many other claims…

It can be complicated to deal with insurance agencies when submitting for a settlement. Hire Direct Public Adjusters in Tuckerton, New Jersey for a public adjuster team that will care for your situation and get you the money you need.

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