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What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is almost the same as an insurance adjuster, but they only work for policyholders. Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company so they can save money by giving you as little money as possible when you file a claim. 

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However, public adjusters only represent the policyholder in an insurance claim and only get paid if they do. Once a public adjuster starts conducting a property insurance claim, they stay with you and handle all the work. In a claims process you must research the agreement in which the insured event is under, take photographs, document the evidence when necessary, and gather all the paperwork to submit the claim. 

After going through financial times and possible property damage, the policy holder can be too stressed out to check everything off the list before they file the claim. Due to their knowledge and fierce negotiation skills, public adjusters can bring the policyholder a larger settlement when they handle the process. 

Public adjusters are trained to read legal terms in a policy agreement and are well experienced to conduct the investigation from start to finish. Not only is there so much work before you submit your claim, there could be a lot of back and forth with the insurance agency on the validity of it. If they don’t want to pay out what is owed, a public adjuster has the negotiation skills to appeal their offer. 

This is where public adjusters are a huge benefit to a policyholder’s loss, they can manage the claims process quickly and efficiently while you focus on other things. There is no need to handle a claim on your own, Direct Public Adjusters in Vineland, New Jersey have the right expertise to get you your financial restitution.

Insurance Claim Types

We are proud of our ability to work with all insurance claims here at Direct Public Adjusters in Vineland, NJ. We have the legal knowledge and expertise in the field to conduct negotiations for your settlements.

These are the insurance claim types we have worked on in the past:

Fire Damage Claims

Our team can help cool down the situation by helping in a fire damage claim. Fire can wreak havoc on your life when your structure and belongings go up in flames and you may need additional assistance to move forward in recovery.

Water Damage Claims

Allow us to submit your water damage claim in order for you to get the compensation you need to repair your property when you go through plumbing issues like pipe leaks and storm damages like flooding and excess rain that have penetrated your property.

Mold Claims

Our public adjuster can help aid you through the process of your mold claim to ensure the evidence is documented, from place of contamination to time it was noticed. These details are necessary before asking for financial aid from your insurance agency.

Damaged Pipes Claims

Damaged pipes can be a result of appliances malfunctioning, aging pipes, or pest damage. If it already has not done so, further damage can occur with water damage. You should have a professional by your side when submitting a damaged pipes claim so you have the correct expertise for a full settlement.

Natural Disaster Claims

Hurricanes and floods are possible in the area and the damages from them should be handled right away. If your private home or business is in the area of Vineland, New Jersey, our public adjusters can guide you through the process of submitting a natural disaster claim with your insurance agency if you get caught in the weather.

Roof Damage Claims

Weather can cause damage to your roof, even accidents can occur when the roof is being inspected. Our public adjusters can handle the documentation of this and help aid you in your roof damage claim.

Business Interruption Claims

Here at Direct Public Adjusters, our public adjusters can provide services for greater success in your income recovery. If you are under an insurance policy specifically for your business, you may have coverage if an insured event causes you to lose revenue.

These events can be from property damage or the economy. For example, most business owners lost a lot of income during the peak of COVID-19. You may be able to file a business interruption claim for loss of revenue in these types of situations.

And many other claims…

Choose Direct Public Adjusters To Handle Your Insurance Claim

It’s difficult to deal with insurance companies, especially when asking for money for your loss. Don’t allow them to minimize the pain and suffering you have gone through from your property damage. When you hire the public adjuster team at Direct Public Adjusters in Vineland, NJ, you know you’re receiving the best local representation in insurance matters.

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