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You can prepare for a storm, but it is impossible to divert it. Despite your best efforts, sometimes storm-related damages will occur to your home or business. All you can do in this case is manage the damages.Thats where our public adjuster in Queens comes in handy. We will help accurately assess the damages and maximize your return. 

Addressing storm damage necessitates immediate attention, and filing a claim with your insurance. Failing to attend to the damages in a timely manner can result in lackluster compensation and/or denial of your claim altogether. Furthermore, leaving damages to fester can have lasting effects that are worse than the present situation. When a storm causes damage to your home or business, the last thing you need is the headache of dealing with insurance. At Direct Public Adjusters, we assist you in handling storm damage so that you can get the most out of your settlement. Our team takes charge in the claims process, so that you can worry about the other responsibilities in your life.

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What Does a Public Adjuster Do for Storm Damage?

A public adjuster is an expert in policy who assists in filing insurance claims. They work solely for you, the policyholder, and not the insurance company. In the case of storm damage, a public adjuster is critical to evaluate the full damage and to draw up a fair settlement on your behalf. Public adjusters are fluent in policy language, allowing them to offer guidance so that you can maximize your return. Tending to storm damage immediately is paramount, as it can come with additional damages including fire or water damage, which can lead to harmful toxins and mold. Knowing this, it is crucial to get a public adjuster on the case as soon as possible.

Effects of Storm Damage

The storm may be over, but damages can persist. Structural damage caused by a storm can lead to sudden collapse, causing extensive damage to the area affected. Moreover, leaks or partial floods can arise following a storm, leading to water damage that, if left to thrive, can cause mold to grow. 

Opting to ignore storm damage will result in consequences that will only get more serious with time. Your home or commercial property can suffer if storm damage is allowed to go untreated, so addressing the damages immediately is necessary. When filing an insurance claim, having a professional on board who can help to break down complex policy language will aid in obtaining a maximum return. At Direct Public Adjusters, we are committed to handling storm damage in Queens for you. Our only mission is to provide a quick and smooth process, gaining you the return you deserve so that you can get back to your everyday life.

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Causes of Storm Damage

Storm damage can come from a number of different angles. Heavy winds can cause debris to fly into your property, causing structural damage. If the roof becomes damaged, it can open the floodgates to a slew of other issues, including water damage. If there are trees on your property, a bad enough storm can cause them to collapse entirely or partially, which can lead to structural damage around the property. 

Additionally, lightning can cause lasting damage. Lightning can affect appliances, phone lines, wiring and more, leading to potential fires. If experiencing a winter storm, cold temperatures can cause the water on your roof to freeze and create a leak overtime. Storm damage is unique in that it is often the cause of several other types of damage. To mitigate your losses, you can turn to Direct Public Adjusters.

Free Consultation for Storm Damage Claims in Queens, NY

We offer free consultations at Direct Public Adjusters to fully evaluate your storm damage claim. Our only goal is to maximize your return and get you the funds you are rightfully owed by your insurance in the quickest time frame possible. Additionally, we promise that any financial burdens that may arise due to an unsuccessful claim are erased. Through Direct Public Adjusters, our policy experts will take charge of your claim so that you can rest assured knowing you will get the most out of your return.

Storm damage is already tiring enough, so let us handle the lengthy process of navigating your insurance claim. Once a storm damage claim is filed, Direct Public Adjusters will take on the full task of overseeing the entirety of the claims process. 

Our expert team negotiates with insurance to create a settlement that is fair for you. By assessing the extent of loss, supervising inspections and documenting the process, Direct Public Adjusters guarantees a smooth claims process, with maximum return.

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