Business Interruption Claims

Did You Experience a Loss in Business?

If you are a business owner and have experienced a covered cause of loss anything related to water, fire, windstorm, vandalism, vehicle into structure,  burst pipe, etc. it can be difficult to know where to start. You may have to close down your business for a period of time and may not know or understand the steps to getting full coverage.  Contact Direct Public Adjusters we can help.

Our team at Direct Public Adjusters is made up of experienced loss adjusters, mediators, and appraisers who have been managing all types of insurance claims for decades. We can help you understand your rights and decide what the best plan of action for you is.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Business Interruption?

Business interruption insurance covers the cost of lost profits caused by a covered event; an unfortunate but all too common occurrence for businesses of all sizes. It is often followed by emotional trauma, loss of income, foundational damage, and much more. During a time like this, fighting your insurance provider to get the compensation you deserve should be the last thing on your list of priorities. That’s why you need to work with public adjuster services.Some of the most common causes of business interruption include:

  • Natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, windstorms, hail, or gales)
  • Theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief
  • Fire and lighting damages
  • Losses incurred due to explosions
  • Accidents (e.g., broken equipment or structural damage)
  • Any vehicle damage

Besides these, business interruption insurance also covers the following:

  • Loss of business income (the amount of net profit you lost).
  • Extra expense incurred (any amount you spent out of your own pocket to get your business back on track).
  • Equipment breakdown or machine failure.
  • Business personal property (such as furniture or fixtures that are part of your business’s assets).
  • Loss of use

How Will Direct Public Adjusters Submit and Manage My Business Interruption Claim?

It is normal to feel nervous when you are dealing with a loss in business. After all, it is what your livelihood depends on. And that’s exactly why you need to work with independent loss adjusters who have your best interest.

Direct Public Adjusters will make sure that any claim is handled quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on what matters most—getting your business back up!

When you work with us, we will:

  • Gather a detailed list of damaged inventory for you.
  • Put together the estimates for all covered damages, including fixed costs, such as operating expenses and similar incurred costs.
  • Submit your claim to the insurance company on your behalf. 
  • Work with the insurance company to get your claim settled as quickly as possible.
  • Review and adjust your documentation to make sure it is complete and accurate.
  • Handle negotiations with the insurance adjuster. 
  • Manage the entire process of helping you get paid back the right compensation. 
  • Apply forensic accountants/specialists when necessary.

How Will I Get the Most Compensation for My Business Interruption Claim?

If you have been affected by a business interruption, the insurance company will likely want to know what happened to your business. The more information you can provide, the better compensation you can secure.


The first thing to do is make sure that you are aware of when and how your business was affected. Did a fire break out at your property? Did an earthquake cause damage or destroy inventory? Was a theft or robbery committed on your property? These are all examples of circumstances that could cause your business interruption claim to be denied.


Next, gather as much evidence as possible about the circumstances surrounding your business interruption claim. Take pictures of any damages, write down all of the details about the incident—and anything else that might help demonstrate just how bad things were—and keep receipts for any expenses related to recovery efforts.


Sounds stressful and time-consuming? You can always work with Direct Public Adjusters. We will work with you every step of the way from beginning to end and only get paid when you do. You have only to gain!

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